Wow, what a place! I am not sure what thrilled me more the fact that I got to the Ballymaloe Cookery School and meet Darina Allen or that my Aunt Muriel made special arrangements knowing Darina and her school would be something of interest to me.. What a great day we had walking around the 100 acre organic farm and cookery school, visiting the gardens and tasting some of the treats. The school is truly a farm to table establishment and Darina and her family have helped over the past 35 years to see that local and sustainable food was a way of life not just in Ireland but in neighboring countries. The meaning of Ballymaloe in Gaelic is “the townland of sweet honey” .

The school is involved in with communities, children and local farmers. They offer classes in organic gardening, 12-week certificate courses, short cooking classes and cooking demonstrations.


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