How many times did you think about the nutritional value of lettuce. Iceberg was probably one of the first ones that you said has no value. Right? Romaine was probably the second one on your list. The truth is Romaine lettuce is one of the most nutritional lettuces you can consume. Plus it has crunchy texture that children may prefer and makes the best caesar salad. According to the Environmental Working Group, Romaine is one of the dirty dozen and is considered high in pesticides therefore, when you have the option you should select organic romaine lettuce.

When selecting Romaine lettuce look for a crisp core and the top of the leaves should not be browning. Choose a head that is heavy for its size. When cleaning Romaine lettuce cut lettuce to desired size and emerge in water to allow all dirt particles to sink to the bottom. Rinse and allow to dry by either using a salad spinner or pat dry thoroughly before storing in the refrigerator. Always store away from ethylene producing fruits such as apples, bananas and pears. It is the gas in these fruits that will deteriorate the lettuce at a much quicker rate.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of romaine lettuce.

Two cups provides you with only 16 calories and has a low glycemic index. It boasts 107% of your daily recommended value of Vitamin K and 45 % of vitamin A, thats more then a carrot provides. Can you believe it!

Together with potassium which aids in lowering blood pressure and it’s high vitamin C and beta-carotene content which work together to prevent oxidation of cholesterol Romaine lettuce is a truly heart healthy green.

A not so surprising source of fiber (with 8% of the daily recommended amount). How many times did you include protein as part of the nutrition you were receiving from Romaine lettuce? You will be surprised to learn that this lettuce packs a 17 % or 7.7 grams of protein.

Don’t forget to visit your local farmers market or Hilltop Hanover Farm for a pesticide free head of Romaine Lettuce.

Enjoy a simple Summer Romaine Salad

Romaine Lettuce sprinkled with a little fresh lemon juice, shaved parmesan cheese and a drop or two of olive oil, toss and serve.