Another great day! Left Rome and headed for the winery at Podere Dell’Anselmo, Tuscany. It is as beautiful as you can imagine. Vineyards throughout and lush green grass. Upon arriving we were greeted with a half bottle of wine and a half hour later we headed for the dining room. The authenticity of the meal was simply the best! We started with fried pizza dough, spinach and cheese in puff pastry, and my favorite – pappa de pomodoro which is red sauce with day old bread cooked into the sauce. We had a plate with a variety of cold meats. Did you ever try prosciutto with fig jam. A creation of Salty and sweet. By the way the fig jam was made here on the vineyard as was / is the olive oil! Talk about local and seasonal eating! I am in heaven. Needless to say there was a basket of homemade focaccia bread. Wait I am not finished – next came the second course another favorite Gnudi which is an undressed ravioli …. Pure delight. It was spinach, cheese and and a bachmel sauce ( just the insides of a ravioli). Not that I had room for any more food by this time but I had to make it! Next came the main course of battered dip zucchini and beef topped with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and shaved parmasean cheese. Can I tell you I was bursting! All were accompanied by the vineyards own wine. We tasted two of them tonight, but they have more and we are saving those for tomorrow. The wine we had tonight was made from 4 local grapes and fermented in small barrels and then in steel containers and then he wine sits in the bottles for about 15 months. It was full bodied and was a great pair with the beef. No dinner is complete with out the dessert. A rustic and simple apple torte served slightly warmed to finish up our time at the table. It was everything nutritious and delicious. Dinner trumped the rest of the day. Pictures to follow.