Food today covered the gamet. The day started with a breakfast including fresh tomatoes, mozzerella and cold meats, pastries, fresh crepes, strawberries, homemade bread and fig jam and eggs made to order. Capacinno and for me a hot tea. I know that’s not right when in Italy but I am Irish after all. While in Siena we stopped for a small bite in anticipation of our dinner… We wanted to make sure we had room! We had a simple salad and Sandwich and later stopped in San Gimignano for the worlds best gelato. What a great town. Upon arriving back to the vineyard we started with a white wine tonight. Served with home made focaccia bread, an egg salad with citrus dressing, pate crostini, and mashed potatoes with pieces of ham,and Romano cheese baked off like a quiche. Next was a gnocchi in a white cheese sauce with the perfect amount of saltiness. The final course was stuffed chicken breast filled with bacon, tomatoes and a thin omelet. A perfect match for our white wine Bianco DI Toscana. A dessert wine was served with the homemade biscotti a chocolate chip and almond.
Tomorrow is cooking class! Can’t wait to get in there and start cooking, although I am loving this personal chef concept.