What is so special about the apple that it claims it will keep a doctor away?

After all, this is apple season in the Hudson Valley, a very local experience. This week I just wanted to remind you how good apples are for you as well as tell you about some of top varieties. There are over 2500 varieties in the U.S and over 7500 internationally. That is a crazy amount of varieties.

 Did you know apples with skin or not contain polyphenols, which are the cancer fighting antioxidants? Apples also contain quercetin which is a plant pigment also known as flavonoid. Quercetin has been known to help fight allergies, increase endurance and improve athletic performance, as well as demonstrate the ability to lower blood pressure. Apples are natural high in fiber, which helps with normalize bowel movements, lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar levels. Lets not forget that apples are also high in potassium, helping us with muscle cramps among other ailments. The apple is a well studied fruit and has been part of the National Health and Nutritional Examination Study. (NHANES)

 We are in the middle of apple season, so whether you consume them for a snack, make apple sauce, pie or apple chutney, or bake them with an oatmeal granola filling, get them fresh, local and start eating.

Check out the local orchids here in our local area: Stuarts Farm in Granite Springs, Wilkins Farm in Yorktown and Harvest Moon in North Salem

 Empire: a sweet/tart flavor, this solid red is crisp and great for snacking and salads. Season: September to July.

Ginger-Gold: a sweet/tart flavor, this green-yellow, sometimes with blush apple is crisp and best for snacking and salads. Season: August to November.

Honeycrisp: a sweet/tart flavor, this apple is mottled red over a yellow background. Crisp, it’s best for snacking, salads, pies, sauce and freezing. Season: September to February.

 Jonathan: spicy and tangy, this apple has light red stripes over yellow or deep red. It’s less firm and good for pies and baking. Season: September to April.

 Macouns: The skin is dark red with a purplish flush. Its very firm flesh is juicy and snow white, tasting sweet with a hint of berry. Season: late September to November

McIntosh: a tangy, red and green apple, it’s tender and best for snacking, sauce and pies. Season: September to July.

 Just a side note – apple juice does not take the place of the apple as it contains less fiber and usually contains more added sweeteners.

Happy Picking!