Today was the second day of my trip and it’s all good. We took a food tour and learned about Roman artichokes being cooked with a traditional Jewish recipe. They are purple and the outer layers are taken off and the rest is fried in olive oil and sprinkled with salt. You can eat the stem as well! They were delicious and tasted a little like home made potatoes chips! I had the delight of sharing the tour guide with two women from Sweeden.
The gelato On the food tour was nothing short of “the best”. No really the best! It was organic, non gmo and the owner only uses local seasonal and fresh ingredients! As we learned on the tour gelato should not have a lot of air bubbles – the better gelato is thick and creamy. After we had our dessert we headed into the Ruggeri’s Antica Pizzicheria! Wow, I never had such great mozzarella cheese. It was made from buffalo’s milk which comes from just south of Rome. The milk is brought up everyday to gaurentee freshness. The Romano cheese was another selection…. Not too salty not too sharp. It almost melted in your mouth. The store has been owned by the same family since 1919. There was three generations working that day and they very happily agreed to take a selfie with me! Next stop, Rosciloi il Forno. Forno means oven… Here we stopped for some of the best thin (and I mean thin) crusted pizza! Did you know that one of their favorites is margarite pizza which is pizza with tomato sauce, and when it’s almost cooked they add on fresh mozzerella cheese. If you put on the cheese to early the crust gets soggy! Lastly we tried the pasta at our last stop… Sette oche in Altadena once again the simplicity was key to making the sauce. Romano cheese and pepper and a little of the pasta water tossed with aldente spaghetti. Amazing ! Our guide made references to different regions making different sauces and how “grandma” had a say in the ingredients. It always comes back to family! Serious about their food and quality – one of the things I love about Italian food.
More to come in the days ahead! Pictures to follow when we get adequate wifi upload.